Refurbished laptops

Refurbished products are all 100% OK! In fact, they represent amazing value for money, especially as we offer all our refurbished products with a warranty. These products may be classed as refurbished for a number of reasons:

  • They may have been previously sold, and subsequently returned to one of our parent stores and not put back on sale for cosmetic packaging reasons. This is often as little as a broken seal.z
  • Alternatively, they may simply have incurred a minor amount of cosmetic packaging damage during handling in the day to day running of our business.
  • Some items may have been returned to our parent stores with a reported fault or where a customer had difficulty in using the product.

Refurbished products may be non-pristine, for example:

  • On occasion some items may show signs of minimal use, which may include minor cosmetic marks which do not affect the functionality in any way.
  • Although most of our refurbished products are sold in their original manufacturers packaging, there may be occasions, due to packaging damage, where plain white or brown packaging may be used.

The fact that we guarantee the products, you can purchase with full peace of mind.

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