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Q: Can you repair my laptop or PC?
A: We can repair virtually all makes of laptop and PCs. We have accumulated rich experience in handling lots of difficult software and hardware problems for any make of Computer.

Q: Do you deal only with laptops?
A: We repair all type of PCs and Laptops hardware and software. We also repair and install servers and network based infrastructure. For more information please call on 07973 316564 or E-mail: info@comtekonline.co.uk (7 days a week) for further enquiries.

Q: Do you deal with networking?
A: Yes, we do. For more information about our networking services please click here Networking

Q: Do you replace any type of laptop screens?
A: We provide all types of screens for any type of laptop and we can replace it for you. If you have already purchased a screen from the manufacturer, we can still replace it for you.

Q: Do you repair missing / broken keyboard keys?
A: Yes we do repair single keys or replace the whole keyboard for any type of laptop.

Q: The power jack (socket) on my laptop is loose / broken; the computer sometime shuts down without warning. Can you help me?
A: Yes, This type of work needs the laptop opening up to board level as such we can arrange free collection and return service and replace the faulty part. we issue 1 year warranty on parts and work.

Q: My computer does not boot up! After I start it, I can see the Windows logo and all of a sudden it crashes and restarts itself. Can you repair it and will I lose my data? How long will it take?
A: Yes, we can help. The system may have a virus, we will try to clean it if this will take too long we can arrange to backup the data and reinstall your operating system to return computer to orignal state.

Q: I would like to upgrade the memory on my laptop or Pc . Can you do this onsite?
A: Yes. We can provide with free collection and delivery service after installing the memory.

Q: I've recently bought a wireless enabled laptop, but I don't have an access point to connect it to, and I haven't really used it with my home internet connection yet. Can you help me out?
A: Yes, please call us so we may discuss all the options available to you when setting up a wireless network in your home or office.

Q: Can you transfer my old files and personal data, like photos, important documents from my old computer to my new machine
A: Yes, transferring files and settings is a standard operation which can be performed on site in most cases.

Q: My laptop screen is broken but I need the data urgently. Can you help?
A: Yes, The hard drive will need to be removed and connected to other systems to take data off. We can either put this data on a USB, tranfer to CD or transfer to another working computer/laptop.

Q: My PC is totally dead and not working but I need the data urgently. Can you help?
A: Yes, The hard drive will need to be removed and connected to other systems to take data off. We can either put this data on a USB, tranfer to CD or transfer to another working computer/laptop.

Pricing and costs

Q: Do you give a fixed price quotes?
A: We give a fixed price for most work carried out. For unsure faults, we will give free inspection and free quotation after examining the fault.

Q: Do you charge for collection, delivery and visit?
A: No, collection, delivery and visit are FREE locally. If there is a charge you will notified in advance and you can decide to go with it or leave it.

Q: Do you charge if you can't resolve the problem?
A: No, we wont charge you at all. However, we may charge you a diagnostic fee if you wish to find out what the problem is but decide not to get it repaired from us. This will be £25.

Customer service

Q: How long does it take to send an engineer for a visit?
A: The average response would be 1 to 2 hours after a booking is made.

Q: Can you send an engineer to visit me after working hours or during the weekend?
A: Yes, we have 24 hours support for all of our customers.

Q: How long does it take to repair a broken power socket?
A: Usually one day depending on parts availability.

Q: What do you do with my data after the PC / laptop is repaired and handed back to me?
A: We adhere strongly to the data protection act. We keep the data safe and will transfer back to your computer after completing the repair. We will destroy the data immediately unless you request us not to do so after your computer has been returned to your satisfaction.

Laptop grading

Q: A + grade?
A: Virtually unused, any marks or scratches.

Q: A grade?
A: Fine marks or scratches Mostly visible on the lid only upon close inspection

Q: A - grade?
A: Minor scratches to the lid.

Q: B + grade?
A: Will have few scratches visible mostly on the lid only

Q: B grade?
A: Will have scratches clearly visible mostly on the lid only

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